Preparing Engineering Leaders

Ohio University’s 100% online Master of Engineering Management program attracts a diverse group of experienced engineers, scientists and technology professionals focused on becoming more effective leaders and managers by developing their managerial skills to lead technical project teams.

As an engineering management student, you will have the opportunity to complement your technical expertise with leadership and management skills through interactions with your peers and a nationally recognized faculty of engineers and management professionals. Courses in this

masters in engineering

program include topics such as engineering statistics, Six Sigma, engineering writing, engineering law, information systems and project management. Upon graduation, you will be equipped with the skills and confidence to lead diverse technical teams and manage complex projects.

Gain The Ohio University Advantage

  • Graduate in about 2 years – 100% Online
  • Learn from renowned faculty who are recognized experts in their fields
  • Study at one of the nation’s leading research institutions

Enhance Your Professional Knowledge and Skills

Ohio University’s online

engineering masters

program equips you with the ability to manage technical, business, and human performance processes to achieve corporate goals. Engineering managers are responsible for supervising workers who design and develop machinery, products, systems, and processes and directing and coordinating production, operations, quality assurance, testing, or maintenance in industrial plants. As a result, they tend to be focused on the activities of their department. The curriculum provides a systems perspective, allowing tomorrow’s industry leaders to cue in on how the work they are doing impacts the functions of an entire organization. You will become an expert in the field capable of using engineering concepts to create innovative solutions for complex problems.

Lead Technical and Non-Technical Project Teams

Engineering managers need to possess competencies and knowledge that allow them to build collaborative efforts, connecting groups of technical and non-technical teams: two groups with vastly different motivations for entering their chosen career. Ohio University’s online Master of Engineering Management equips you with the skills you will need to manage, lead, and motivate a variety of technical and non-technical professionals to accomplish collective goals, while still engaging in your technical profession.

Ohio University’s online Master of Engineering Management is designed to advance your understanding of engineering, science, and technology while concurrently building your managerial skill sets. Courses include: Engineering Statistics, Six Sigma, Quality Systems, Project Management, Engineering Writing and Engineering Law to ensure that you emerge as a leader in your chosen field upon graduation.

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